BGP Engineers - EQUADOR

BGP Engineers is a private Clean Energy Management company from the Netherlands and part of the Energy Engineering Solutions (ees) International B.V. group. 

In July 2012, after winning a Public Tender process, BGP Engineers  became partners with EMAC EP (Empresa Municipal de Aseo de Cuenca).  EMAC is the Municipal Waste Management Company of the City of Cuenca, Ecuador.

The two companies created a new Joint Venture company called EMAC-BGP Energy CEM (EBE). Final Investment of approx. $3.5M - 51% EMAC - 49% BGP.

EBE’s main objective is to contribute to the reduction of Global Warming through the capture and destruction of the methane gas contained in the biogas at the Pichacay Landfill.

The project contemplates reducing harmful emissions by as much as 75,000 tonnes of CO2 per year - equivalent to the daily emissions of 14,000 vehicles.

The capture and usage of this biogas will generate up to 2MW/hr of bio-electricity, which will be supplied to the Ecuadorian Public Electricity Grid - equivalent to the energy needs and consumption of 8,000 local families.